Here are two events I think you kids should all prowl, 
First is Pigeonhole's Vintage Shop Launch. It's going to be a non stop 50's high tea with polka dot pinafores and rockabilly attitude's for more information lurk this link 


  Pigeonhole Vintage Shop Launch w/1950s Afternoon Tea
August 7 · 1:00pm - 10:30pm

LocationShop 10, Bon Marche Arcade, 80 Barrack Street
The Untruths

Second is an art opening titled The Untruths 

- Thirteen contemporary artists are putting on a show of recent works; these are composed of art students and 2009 graduates—Petra Didion, Stephen Genovese, Amber Harries, Kiki Hunwick, Marton Koblo, David Manea, Cherish Marrington, Matthew Moore, Adriana Purdy, David Sims, Antoinette Stewart, Joanna Sulkowski and Erin Tily-Laurie. 

yea i just stole that from there page ( ) 

but yea head down I'll be there taking photos and having a neat little time. 

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