This week has been alot of fun; I shot my first street gallery for 6000 , and ended up getting some rays at the beach with some mates,  coool.

Anyway just wanted to share this with you,

Dancing Mountain is an online collective of photos that has turned into an international phenomenon. Started in 2009 by friend and fellow Perth based photographer Bradley Pinkerton. This online-based magazine promotes not only amazing photographs but amazing concepts. Now into it's third issue, Dancing Mountain has over 21,700 + images in there online flickr pool, And over 1300 members, which is a number that grows daily. I find Dancing Mountain a sauce of inspiration and a neat little read and I think you should check it out too, 


So while I’m doing this whole review thing mite as well mention one of my favorite Blogs,

This Photo-Blog, full of raw, gritty, and truthful shots is the love child of my mate James and his array of camera’s. This blog not only captures the truths of being a teenager in Perth but exposes the surface of James's hedonistic lifestyle.  This blog is well worth a look into.   

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Jes said...

Great shares! Congrats on the 6000 gig :)