Last week I had the pleasure of accompanying the wonderful Emma Bergmeier to Curtin University's    Collective Threads presentation. Having herd wonderful things about years past, it would be wrong of me not to tell you that i was a little excited. As soon as I  walked in  i new this grad show would be amazing!
From the shiny sleek steel catwalk to the smoky, yet breathable room filled with the air of a years hard work.

The collection's where stunning!  Normally when I think Grad show the undesired thought of tacky unfinished, over accessorised outfits that wouldn't stand a chance in the real market turn me off. but man  this was not the case, Every design that was shown on the catwalk was wearable, held strong to the designers aesthetic's and was a bold statement.  Wether it be the remarkable digital origami prints of Jennifer Nebel, (a name to keep an eye on) or the textured gowns of Nicola Yeung every piece was amazing!

I must also apologise for keeping you guys out of the loop,  I promise to post more then two times a month... Below are a few of my favourite piece's from the show.

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