Its been too long since I last posted, but it's been a full-on month. Finding the time to post has been hard / i kinda ceeebs as well. Next week I'm off to Bali and then back in town for PFF so there should be a few more post's coming more regularly but thank you to the Three or so Hundred that keep checking Harry & Tom daily you guys are neat!

Below are some photos that I took at my friends opening at Manhattan's. It was a sick night that ended up at some House party in ML then back to ours.  If you want to see more of there work, I highly recommend check out Nelsons Blog "" or Mitch McLennan's website "" There both sweet photographers that are causing quite a stir in not only the local but the national scene so check them out or hire them.

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Anonymous said...

that ranga wit tha fringe and blu eyes is a fukkkken babe. i wanna put my fist in her ass. yo pics suck thou

Max Fairclough said...

No more fisheye? Is that the 24-55 you are using now?

Harry&Tom said...

Cheer's Anon, I'll pass that onto her, and yea they do, check Goonie's out he's a real photographer,

and Max i still have it it was just a late call out.

Sarah Bahbah said...

yes! perth people!

aha glad i stumbled across your page.