Well this week has been slightly boring to put it plainly, I think it must be the weather, it makes me want to sleep and eat and trust me there has been a lot of that however on the other hand the time not spent sleeping and eating I have been flat out with my internship, models test shoots and playing catch up with friends. I also went to the ERASERS EP launch party at The Bird on friday, such a good band and such a good venue, I'll post some photos from the night when there done.

Another project that has been chewing up my Time is Flourish and Decay. Flourish and Decay is a concept that me and Shelley Obrien have been working on for some time now. basically all it is, is a stage where underground and upcoming Perth artists and creatives can show there work and gain exposure from it. 

If you'd like to be involved with Flourish and Decay send us some examples of your work to "flourishanddecay@hotmail.com" or even if you'd like to follow our progress hit us up on Facebook. 

Above: Charley Spencer Look Book 10' 
Model: Madeleine Mitchell

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