Well kids this week has been so neat !

To start off we'd like to give a huge thanks to X-press magazine's fashion editor and Perth fashion blog icon Emma Bergmeier (dropstitch) for giving our little blog a bit of needed publicity so thanks Emma !

Also on Friday I did this swell shoot with Pigeonhole with their guest editor Danielle from 6000, she was so fun to work with and she has an amazing sense of style, so i'll put the shots up later this week,

Also! I'd like to officially introduce you to Harry, yea thats right, the cat that shares this blog with me has asked me to put upload some of his work and has informed me that regular blog post are on there way, So i guess this means i can rename my camera ha'

Here is some of his work,

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Jes said...

Emma such a doll. Great shots

Harry&Tom said...

Thanks and i agree

Anonymous said...

I am so obsessed with the top photo! It is incredible! love creepy E.