So as you kids mite know I'm currently interning at Pigeonhole as their photographer, Lets just get this clear it's the most fun, exciting and neat thing I have done in a long time. Everyday has  something new and interesting to offer from shooting Friday I'm In Love to shooting with guest editors like the shoot below. So to keep you up to date with my work here's a brief look at what i've been up to.      

They’re The Pants!
Styling by the lovely and vivacious Danielle Marsland from Six Thousand, 

Hannah @ Scene: Minimarket pants ($165), Pigeonhole loop necklace ($65), Leather brogues ($185), Soto Smith Aztec tee ($75), Pigeonhole bag ($200)

Maddie: Minimarket pants ($165), knitted black pullover by Unplugged ($139), St Miguel French coat ($259), Korean leather heels ($265), Belt, worn as headband ($55)

Hannah @ Scene: Minimarket pants ($165), Genie shirt ($145), MP Colab Limited Edition “Obama” grey glasses ($220), Pigeonhole 
Vintage Tan sandals ($40)
Basic's 101 
Pigeonhole Vintage campaign 
Model and Styling: Autilia from Autilia's Blog 

Everything you see above is available from PIGEONHOLE

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Jes said...

LOVE Hannah's looks. What a mad experience!