Sorry for the lack of post's this week it's been hectic! From PFF, to my internship, to photo shoots, to fashion events it's been a busy week. It's currently 1.57 in the morning and I'm slightly boozed up and really not digging the writing thing so i'll just show you some backstage shots from tonight Fashion shows Up and the massive success that was 15 minutes!

Once again I'd just like to thank Emma from Dropstitch ,without her Harry&Tom wouldn't have been able to get back stage, go to shows like Avant-Garde or even get into any of the other events, so Thankyou Emma!  Go prowl her blog its well worth the read. Also Thanks to Claire from the ABC for interviewing me and giving Harry&Tom some national exposure! see I told you it's been a busy week.

I'll upload some Catwalk shots later this week if all goes to plan, 

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Neon Blonde said...

Ahhh It's great to see some backstage shots! I had a splendid time wishing I bought a camera... I however got into the writing thing!

Have a read if you feel like it!

Kitta said...

Nice shots. Was great to meet you at PFF and I hope to see you at other shows/events. xox